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A orange tiger by rwolf A orange tiger by rwolf
Ok I crapped out at the end cause I let this photoshop work drag on way to long (the end of last year I started it, I think I took so long cause I was working twice my desktop size, guess I won't be doing that again...)

Im happy I gotton this out of the way, but I think I made it way to happy with the background colours. The good thing is I realized several mistikes, the bad thing is I didn't fix em.

Again I could screw out a good background if my life depended on it
And erm enjoy?
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ebontier Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2003
Lol. I like it. You should've entitlied it "What He-man as Tiger" lol ;) Good job
thetigress Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
This is beautiful. It is so nice to find an anthro artist that actually adds the animal aspect into it. Great job:)
blue-von Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2003
wow! thats cool! i luv it!
sksmash Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2003
You complain but it still came out the pose and its whole over all feeling! :D (Big Grin)
mentalbalance0 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2003
in fact, i like this so much, that i am going to add it to my favorites. :) (Smile)
mentalbalance0 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2003
Perfect. Love the use of color, the armor and the sword. Damn, I really love that sword. Also love the anatomy of the tiger. Great attention to detail.
tresh Featured By Owner May 29, 2003
Wow, that' just plain beautiful! it looks so real! Love the colors.
pacman23 Featured By Owner May 15, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
thats dope!
zero-chance Featured By Owner May 9, 2003
Don't be so fucking ard on yourself. It looks kick ass! The sword is especially cool.
supercutegoddess Featured By Owner May 8, 2003
Wow Very artistic and its so wonderful! The colors and all look awesome! great job yo! Hug
furryphotos Featured By Owner May 7, 2003  Professional Photographer
The fur shading near the face looksa bit flat but the rest of the pic is great!
darkvvulf Featured By Owner May 6, 2003   Digital Artist
Very impressive, getting closer to achieve some sense of photorealism.
Only complaints are the legs seem a bit short, and the cloth has some lighting issues.
garounoir Featured By Owner May 6, 2003
i love this! the background is very nice, it gives it a nice mood. as for the tiger, i really like the textures you used. and the structure of the tiger is very cool as usual! WOO! COLOUR!
turel Featured By Owner May 6, 2003
Awesome armor and the sword,you could have made the grass more variable in color,but it's good as it is :D (Big Grin) great work,kudos!
kokiteno Featured By Owner May 5, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great use of colouring, and an excellent anatomy! I like his face, it looks just like a tiger's, but it has this intelligent look to him. He's not just a tiger with a humanoid body, you can see a mind and a soul in his eyes and expression.
machine-guts Featured By Owner May 5, 2003
Looks awesome, Wolf! XD
boltraptor Featured By Owner May 5, 2003
The colouring's good and I like the musculature as well. Pretties. *Noddles.*
siriusstar13 Featured By Owner May 5, 2003
And enjoy I will! Wow! This tiger looks ready for battle, and the colors are rerally great! Awesome work!
village-idiot Featured By Owner May 5, 2003
nicely done, a cool style. but doesnt he seem a little short?
memoryofdeath Featured By Owner May 5, 2003
wow eccelent, great coloring!! very cool character, nice head, and legs, also nice sword. great work over all, i love the arm, wish you could see the other. +fav
golddragon001 Featured By Owner May 5, 2003   Writer
thats is professional grade work!! extreme !!! wow! stupendous~! you deserve a medal for that one -grin- A lovely rping char I bet
Kata Featured By Owner May 5, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
Very cool! I love the stance and th colors. keep it up!
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